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When you are outside your home there is no reason to break a window.
The best option is to contact an experienced locksmith and solve the problem easily and efficiently. There is no reason to weaken the security of your home unnecessarily.
Wo do several different methods to ensure that the opening is done to ensure that you do not damage the door of your house in the process.
Most locks work with a bolt system, these can usually be handled by an experienced locksmith.
The pin and drum type lock are a common type of lock consisting of a box (containing the springs and driver’s bolts) the guide is the part of the lock that will turn with the key. The rotor pins rest between the box and the lock guide and this is what is locked or drilled by the cutting line. Once the driver’s pins reach the shear line, the key can turn and the lock opens.
Another method of opening a light bulb is with the use of an impact wrench.
A blow or impact wrench works on the task of moving the bolts of the key so that the driver’s bolts satisfy the shear line. Again, this method makes the tool act as if it were a key and does not damage the lock.
If the lock is not pin (like a security key) or does not respond to pick-up and blow for some other reason, the lock will have to be punched. The drill adjusts to the location of the pins and a hole is drilled in the bulb.
The drill will break the bolts that hold the lock in place and allow the locksmith to open the door with the turn of a screwdriver.
Most locks work with a bolt and vessel system, and can usually be drilled by an experienced locksmith. The driver’s plugs and springs will have a uniform height, while the key plugs will all be unique in this regard.
The opening selection process of such a lock can be quite difficult, but it is based on the knowledge the locksmith has.

List of residential locksmith services
  • Emergency opening services in homes.
  • Change of locks and bulbs for residential homes.
  • New door lock installation.
  • Installation of electronic locks.
  • Installation of locks on main doors.
  • Repair of damaged locks.
  • Extraction of broken keys.
  • Replace and / or repair window locks.
  • Installation of residential locks.

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